Vibrators for Health? Why the Scientific Community is Buzzing About an Age Old “Toy”

Vibrators for Health? Why the Scientific Community is Buzzing About an Age Old “Toy”

Female masturbation and pleasure have been scrutinized and stigmatized for decades, but it’s not just your vibrator that’s feeling the effects of a stunted sexuality.

For some women, introducing sex toys into the bedroom and into their lives is a hard pill to swallow. While there are quite a few women in the world that would happily admit that using a vibrator is an enjoyable experience, science has yet to back them up on the claim. Until now. Vibrators come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and price ranges. Buying one easier than ever, you can check out a load of them online if you’re not up to heading down to your local porn store. So, with this ease of acquisition coupled with new science, you’re running out of excuses for not having one.

According to the scientific paper released in 2018 from the Mayo Clinic, vibrators have so many varied health benefits, that they believe they should be classified as medical devices. No joke. The paper states that vibrators “[were] not originally intended to be a toy, and [their] benefits reach far beyond that of a plaything.”

The paper goes on to discuss the use of vibrators to treat multiple sexual dysfunctions as well as improve overall functionality of the pelvic floor and increased sexual desire, which can also lead to healthier relationships. Making the standard vibrator more of an asset and less of an accessory. 

Health Benefits of Masturbation

There has been a multitude of press regarding the health benefits of masturbation in general, but what about the benefits of vibrators in specific? According to the paper, the health benefits that a woman can reap from masturbation with a vibrator are really incredible. For so long, we have correlated health with exhausting types of exercise, eating less than appetizing foods, and creating lists of unrealistic expectations and habits. In some ways, these types of health centric activities can prove to be at our detriment. Creating incredible amounts of stress, guilt, and an ego destroying sense of failure if they don’t produce the results that we are looking for.

Luckily, masturbation, especially masturbation with a buzzy buddy, is a fun and gratifying way to do something that’s not only super enjoyable, but also scientifically proven to benefit our bodies. So, what exactly can we expect to improve with regular masturbatory sessions?

  • Can improve sexual virility

Orgasms cause a massive burst in our nervous system, particularly the one that is associated with our Fight or Flight response. While this happens to men and women both, it’s only in women that this burst can allow our more sensitive parts to maintain that sensitivity, and to even increase it over time. Increasing your overall sexual desire. This has shown to be especially useful in post-menopausal women who report lower levels of sexual desire.

  • Vibrator use can improve orgasm

The skin that covers our lady parts is extremely sensitive (duh). The stimulation of these sensitive areas is what allows women to orgasm. Using “mild vibration” in this area prior to sex can actually increase blood flow and nerve activity - making that pleasure even more pleasurable. Using this vibration in short bursts is shown to increase the pleasure from stimulation even more. Increasing arousal and the intensity of an orgasm.

  • It’s literally a workout for your pelvic floor

Keeping your pelvic floor muscles fit can help with several common lady issues, from bladder control to managing period cramps. Using a vibrator encourages blood flow into your pelvic floor, stimulates your muscles, and can improve metabolic rate. Think of a biceps curl - You lift the weight towards your body and relax it away, which keeps your arms healthy and strong. Vibrations are shown to have a similar effect on the pelvic floor muscles.

  • You can train yourself to have multiple orgasms

By using a vibratory regularly, you can shorten down time between available orgasms. The study found that women who use vibrators to masturbate and have “trained” themselves to have multiple orgasms while masturbating are more likely to experience the triple O when tangoing with a partner. Not only that, but women who were introduced to using vibrators “found it considerably easier to reach orgasm, and… found vibrator use to be liberating and empowering”.

  • Vibrators can make relationships more satisfying

Being liberated and empowered is a building block of having a solid sexual relationship. People that use vibrators have consistently reported higher levels of sexual exploration and communication, which can mean great things for your relationship. Training yourself to have better, or more frequent, orgasms can help take the pressure off your partner to provide them for you, which has been shown to improve sexual intimacy.

Three Cheers for Vibrators!

The paper concludes with an inspiring note to women everywhere, stating that bringing out your favorite toy (or finally purchasing one) can increase “openness in women’s thoughts and attitudes about sexual activities generally and about themselves as sexual beings”. Bringing to light another beautiful facet of the feminine condition, and one that we can all enjoy cherishing.