Billion dollar penalty for Canada

Billion dollar penalty for Canada

Khashoggi went to Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2 by afternoon 1'o clock.He disappeared 
and suspect to death by the Turkey Government.But the Saudi Aabian government refused the statement
and produced the video footage as the Khashoggi used back exit gate.

Turkish officials say a 15-man Saudi hit squad — including at least one member of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's entourage — tortured, murdered and dismembered Khashoggi, whose remains have yet to be found.Then Saudi Aabia admitted he'd been killed in a fist fight inside the consulate.  

Justin Trudeau revealed the penalty for cancelling a $15-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia would be in the billions of dollars.The prime  inister blamed pevious Conservative govenment Stephen Haper which signed the contract to sell light armoured vehicles to Saudi Aabia-for making it so costly to cancel and for making it impossible for him to publicly reveal the exact figure

Trudeau resists to cancel the deal and mentioned that he didn't want to leave Canadians holding a billion-dollar bill because we are trying to move forward on doing the right thing.

During a news conference Thursday with Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Trudeau was pressed to say if that was a precise figure. He said the "extremely difficult contract" signed by the Harper government included a requirement for "total confidentiality" which prevents him from disclosing details.

But he added: "Suffice it to say possible penalties would be in the billions of dollars but that is something we are looking at right now."

Trudeau also said that the government is "actively reviewing existing export permits" for arms to Saudi Arabia.

While that review is underway, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said no new export permits will be approved.  

Canada temporarily suspended approvals of new export permits to the Gulf kingdom in 2017, while the government investigated allegations that Saudi Arabia had used Canadian-made armoured vehicles against its minority Shia Muslim population. The suspension was lifted a few months later after the investigation found no conclusive evidence of the allegation.