Climate Framework-Ontario cancelling cap-and-trade

Climate Framework-Ontario cancelling cap-and-trade

According to spokeswoman for Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says that
$420 million earmarked for Ontario under the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund is under review, 
since funding is contingent on agreeing to the framework, which includes imposing a carbon price.

Ontario premier Doug Ford has put an end to the cap-and-trade program which is established by 
previous Liberal government withthe Quebec and california that  established a joint carbon 
market to buy and sell pollution credits.That makes Canada has hit the brakes on Ontario's 
portion of the $1.4-billion climate change fund.

By cancelling Ontario’s cap-and-trade plan, the Ontario government is making it clear that 
it is not taking climate action, and is effectively withdrawing from Canada’s national climate 
change plan without a plan of their own,” McKenna spokeswoman Caroline Theriault said in a statement.

Ottawa have a fund which is now on hold for seven ontario program.One of the program was cancelled by Ford that leads to the fortfited $100 million in federal money.He cancelled the cap-and-trade on 
Tuesday where he used to call it as “government cash grab”.

Under a new law passed last month,Ottawa intends to impose a minimum price on pollution through a 
carbon tax on any province that hasn’t got its own system in place, beginning in January.
As the carbn price would start at $20 per ton,will increasing $10 a year until it reaches $50 a ton
in 2022.

Saskatchewan will not endorse the climate change framework and has asked the courts to deceide  if 
Ottawa has the authority to impose a carbon price on provinces — a challenge for which Ford has expressed support in the past.