Change is Coming:Tim Houston

Change is Coming:Tim Houston

Nova Scotia PC party finds the new leader Tim Houston in Haifax on Saturday.Houston earned 2,496.75 points out of a total of 5,100 after the first round of voting. He required 2,551 points to win theleadership.

Houston was followed by Cecil Clarke with 1,385.71 points, John Lohr with 692.45 points, Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin with 384.96 points and Julie Chaisson with 140.13 points.

Clarke, the mayor of Cape Breton Regional Municipality, said his decision was based on what's best for the party.He led his supporters ot shake Houston's hand and merge his supporters with Pictou County residence.

"I said last night the unity of the party is paramount," he said. "I believein bringing this party together. As I just said to Tim, we need to set any campaign differences aside. It's about the next election. The party is bigger than any one person. Bigger than me, and I am happy to support our new leader, Tim Houston."

Houstons enjoyed the moment and said that waas happ for unite the party."I think they're sending a message as well to their supporters and to party members and really to Nova Scotians," he told reporters.

"I'm totally grateful that that happened."

He'd been the target of the most prominent attacks throughout the campaign, but on Saturday Houston said he believes that's all in the past. 

MacFarlane said he was honoured and humble to the post and supporters,and she joked she would not trade the past year for $1 ,million- nor would do it again.

Houston added "We need you to stay involved and to keep going. We have so much work to do".
"You are on the ground floor of a movement, and I think you can feel it," he said, before pledging the party would go on to form successive majority governments.

"Won't stop until Nova Scotia is the leader and the best province in Atlantic Canada and beyond," he said.

"Change is coming."